Synthetic Urine and Niacin

Synthetic urine

If you do not have enough time to pass the test, the best option available to you is the synthetic urine. It is recommended because it has a high success percentage rate. Synthetic urine is not difficult to come by. You can get them from notable online stores as well as local shops. You can search for it. You can always get one. There are different brands on the market, and these are meant to cater for such needs. If you want to be successful with this method, it is important that you consider the temperature. It is not good at cold temperature, because, at that temperature, many people will assume that you have tampered with it.

There is a problem with this method. Since the synthetic sample is not the main sample, chances are there that you will find it extremely difficult to take it to the laboratory without being detected. Most clinics are aware of this fraud, and they have a system in place to ensure that it is prevented.

Natural detox method

Another method that you can try is the natural detox process. This process is no different from saliva process reviewed above. This is because it involves the same steps as enumerated above. You can carry out this two to three more times. You should know the difference between this test and the saliva test. Urine can last in the body for longer days, and because of that, you have to use a stronger method to remove them off.

These days there are different natural detox methods that you can use that can help you achieve the expected result. These are available online, and you can use any of them after reviewing them to find out the best. When you combine this with proper hydration, you can achieve the expected results. Moreover, you can combine it with exercise and diet. Abstinence from drug remains the best solution.

Furthermore, there are specialized detox products you can use to clean the drug from your urine. These are available on the market, and they are often advertised. You can discover them by reading reviews. Ensure that you choose the best to make a good result.

Using niacin

Many experts have recommended using niacin pill to expel any remnant of the drug from your body system. This is because the report has shown that this product is perfect in expelling THC remnants in the body. Many people can resort to this method as they can achieve a perfect result. The only problem with this method is that niacin could have negative adverse side effects. It can cause skin rashes. If you want to avoid the problem, you must take it in a controlled manner. Remember that this method is not a natural one. Before you try any method to pass a drug test, experts have always recommended that you compare the benefits you can derive from it, as well as the consequences that follow the method you choose. Bear this at the back of your mind before you can choose any method. Niacin is not always recommended because of the adverse effects. However, if you can control the way you use it, you can achieve the result without compromising your health.